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Introducing the

Pleasure Mat

We have created the ultimate anchor for your personal self-care practices, the Pleasure Mat by More...

Perfect for yoga, stretching, meditating, conscious breathing… whatever you desire.  

We have a selection of bold, beautiful and unapologetic designs all inspired by womxn; each a gorgeous ‘placeholder’ for your own sacred space.


Eco luxe, vegan and non-toxic, our mats offer a soft and highly strokable landing pad for you to stretch out and do your thing! 

We believe that every womxn deserves to honour herself with a dedicated area in her home to take time out of the 'crazy' and so we designed these mats specifically for that purpose.  How you use yours is up to you!

your sacred space

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redefining pleasure

regena thomashauer more. yoga mat

"I am the unbelievably proud owner of THE most incredible yoga mat with a dripping pussy on it!"

Mama Gena - Author of Pussy A Reclamation

The Elixir mat is avalaible now!

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