We create limited edition designs for eco friendly products to celebrate self expression.  We also host an inclusive online community promoting freedom, kindness and fun!


The More. journey has been a rollercoaster over the last 2 years!  Our initial focus was on womxn and pleasure, but our team has changed and with that the emphasis.


My name is Charli and I am a designer and artist.  My passion has always been for people to feel seen and heard in their truth, whatever that looks and feels like for them.  That is why More. has to evolve, now I am at the helm!


Whilst I remain devoted to working with womxn and much of my artwork reflects that, I am also incredibly inspired by how other people express themselves.  The human experience is simply not definable or separated by any binaries.  


I am learning more and more that when it comes to aesthetic, it is impossible to predict who will be drawn to something based on their gender.  For me it’s a vibe, an energy.


I am now working with my friend and fellow creative and progressive thinker Lottie.  Our collaboration is based on our mutual passion for beautiful, bold design and fueled by our many long conversations about human psychology and personal self expression.  Lottie has witnessed the birth and growth of More. and has always been supportive of the brand.


Our version of More. feels like a natural and authentic progression.  We are both enthusiastic about growing More. as an eco-friendly company and creating designs that reflect dynamic self expression.

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