Eco luxe - eco friendly luxury

When we think of eco-friendly products, that can sometimes conjure up images of brown paper and hessian! It doesn't automatically evoke the idea of luxury.

At More. one of our top priorities is to be as kind to our planet as possible, but at the same produce products that are beautiful and of a high quality.  We also want to make sure our customers are not inhaling or ingesting any nasty toxins.


We are also all about reducing the amount of single use products and encouraging people to invest in items that will last and can be past down to future generations.  After all, the longer you keep and use something, the kinder that is to our planet!

Natural Tree Rubber mats

More. pleasure mats are made from 100% natural tree rubber (which is biodegradable) with a luxurious vegan suede top layer, made from re-cycled plastic.

Natural Rubber is made from a runny, milky white liquid called latex that is found in certain plants when you cut into them. Over 200 plants in the world can produce this latex, but the most productive plants are the Pará rubber trees.


Natural rubber or tree-derived rubber is far more eco-friendly than single use plastic. Harvesting and using the product itself has less impact on the environment and when tree rubber is sustainably cropped, it helps maintain the global carbon balance in the atmosphere.

Our mats are made in China, which is where the natural tree rubber is sourced and we choose to have them shipped to us by sea, which has a lower impact than by air.  It takes around 6 weeks, but it's well worth the wait!

We are aware of the need to produce rubber sustainably and are aiming to source even more ethically as we grow.  For now, as a fledgling company, we are doing the best we can to have as little environmental impact as possible. 

The inks used for our pleasure mat designs are non-toxic and water based and the mats are also free from latex, silicone, toxic glue and phthalates.

Other products and packaging

Our other products are also beautiful and eco-friendly and we use UK based suppliers where possible.  Our t-shirts and tote bags are made from organic cotton and printed with non-toxic inks.

We have found some great suppliers for our packaging too, including re-cycled kraft packaging boxes, compostable poly-mailer bags and our gorgeous printed tissue paper.

If you have any feedback for us regarding our products or packaging, please email us at

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