Hi, we are Anna and Charli, co-founders of More Collective Ltd.

We were introduced in late 2018, when Anna was looking for a designer for a one off 'Yoni' inspired yoga mat design, for her company Blisscloud.

That one design of Charli's turned into a full collection under the new company name More. and has now taken on a life of it's own!  Our mats are designed to be more than yoga mats, they are for any self-care or pleasure practice... hence the term Pleasure Mat.  We don't want anyone to feel restricted by the notion of a 'yoga mat', especially if they aren't practicing yoga.  These mats really can be used for anything you chose!


We are both incredibly passionate about working with womxn and want to encourage all of you to explore your relationships with pleasure & self-expression and be unapologetic in doing so!

We are LGBTQ+ and disability inclusive and are keen to integrate these groups more meaningfully into the 'Wellbeing' industry in which we find ourselves!

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in collaborating with us, so please email more@choosemorenow if you are a womxn or non-binary person and have any ideas!

Blisscloud / Hot Mess Goddess

Anna Challacombe is the creator of Blisscloud yoga mats.  Her company has won awards for innovation and she is passionate about self-care and celebrating female empowerment.


Her 'Hot Mess Goddess' online courses are a fabulous way of giving yourself permission to love yourself as the goddess you are, every day.  Anna is our leader in the Radical Self Care


Anna is sex-positive and loves to celebrate the body and unashamed sexuality.

Charli Anne Designs

Charli Anne Thompson is our visual designer and artist.  With over 15 years experience in the field and a passion for free creative expression; her designs are unapologetic and bold. 


Her vision is to raise the voices of ALL womxn through collaboration and conversation. 

Charli is passionate about equality, LGBTQ rights and gender non-conformity.

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