More. is about unapologetically embracing pleasure and self-love.

We believe that when womxn and those who identify, allow ourselves personal space to let-go of the societal expectations placed on us, to feel good in our bodies and share our journeys together, magic happens.

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redefining pleasure

Pleasure isn't just food and sex... (although of course it can be!)

The English dictionary defines pleasure as:


  • Desire, inclination

  • A state of gratification

  • Sensual gratification, frivolous amusement

  • A source of delight or joy


So yes, pleasure could be riding out a fantastic orgasm.  But, pleasure can also be found in sipping your favourite drink while watching a film, picking up a hobby that lights your soul on fire,  reading in the bath.  Or, our new pleasure, jumping in the Autumn sea!

… Our bodies are wired for pleasure, we have endless opportunities, every day, to experience fulfillment.

However, too often we get caught up in the busyness of life, so we only get a fraction of the satisfaction we could be getting out of these daily experiences.

For example, you may lose out on the opportunity to let your muscles relax under your warm morning shower, or taste the food you quickly ate at breakfast.


We don’t even always make space for enjoying the interactions with the people in our lives, because we’re distracted by our phones, emails, and other things.


Making time for pleasure and enjoying your daily experiences will leave you feeling filled up, nurtured and cared for, which will carry through in how you approach your life and those in it.


Living a life full of pleasure, A turned on life, Lights you up..


It makes others wonder what you've been up to and gives you a twinkle in your eye.


Your pleasure is is important.


So look at what brings you pleasure.  Because believe us... When you're getting your pleasure needs met, everything is more beautiful.


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