allow yourself to go with your flow

~ Guest Article by Nikki Veliz ~

Nikki on her Sacred Yoni mat by more.

Start charting your menstrual cycle.

And then don’t stop!

This goes beyond simply tracking which days you bleed, although that’s also a key component!

Learn the length of YOUR cycle.

What phase you’re in and when.

What symptoms you might have.

What you crave or need and when.

How you feel in the different phases.

What the moon is doing!!!

I’ve loved learning that my abdominal and back pain is actually an egg being released, and that it’s NOT a great day to work on my business or do too much with my kids.

That my intuition is on fire during my pre-menstrual phase which has meant I can make better decisions in all areas of my life.

And that I feel so much better if I don’t meet up with friends, family or clients on the first 3 days of menstruation!

Charting your cycle is absolutely INSANELY a MUST for all women.

Pushing and striving. The masculine way to doing things? Slows us waaaaaaaay down. Life feels HARD. And it shouldn’t!

You might not be able to rearrange your entire life with this new knowledge of what your body wants.

* BUT could you do less on day 1 of your cycle when you’re menstruating and your body wants rest?

* Could you carry a notebook to jot down your ideas that flow in Inner Spring (pre-ovulation phase)?

* Or learn to trust your intuition, especially in your Inner Autumn (pre-menstrual phase)?

It’s time to go Within.

To chart your menstrual cycle.

And to align your life WITH. YOUR. CYCLE.

Doing this will create more ease and flow.

And help create the beautiful life you desire.

Much love Nikki


P.S. All it takes is a pen & paper (I’m old school & prefer this to an app) to start tracking your cycle.

P.P.S. If you’re not bleeding, start charting by following the moon and see what comes up for you as you follow the moon cycle

Nikki Veliz helps women Create & Sell their Medicine online so that they can have the freedom they desire.

She loves all things woo woo but also loves her Taurean skills of grounded processes. Nikki home educates her 2 young children in the Australian bush where she can stare at the moon after they’ve fallen asleep. Nikki offers a Free Guide HERE: 7 Critical Elements EVERY Female Spiritual Entrepreneur MUST Do While Creating A Business...that the marketing gurus don’t tell you!


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