farewell, BUT NOT GOODBYE...

Times they are a changing. For everyone. Including us.

More. is and always will be evolving and growing. It will always be about being a collective. Womxn sharing their stories and contributing to our community.

So much has been going on for Anna and I personally over this last few months. Anna is currently in lockdown with her 3 kids. She is attempting to run her business Blisscloud, create online course content and taking on 1-1 coaching clients. This has to be her priority for financial stability and sanity!

I have recently lost my beloved cat (child), and been trying to stay afloat financially, whilst dealing with past anxiety, triggered by this pandemic. More. has kinda been on hold for both of us.

In a nut shell, like so many other people, this strange time has forced us to really look at our priorities and where we feel drawn to place our energies.

We have therefore made the decision together, for Anna to step back from the helm of More. I will now be the sole owner, but not alone! Anna is still very much part of the collective and will continue to contribute via the blog and share content. I have more time to put into More. and a passion to take it forward.

I will now be working with my gorgeous friend and housemate Lottie, who has been witness to the creation of More. Since day one. Lottie and I will be working on some fresh ideas and running the online store. We still have plenty of stock of our Mermaid Dreams mat, sacred candles and Crystal infused water bottles! The launch collection mats are down to 1 or 2 of each, so when they go they go!!

Although it does feel sad to be losing Anna, right now we have to think about what is best for our mental health and do the right thing for the business moving forward.

I would like to say a massive heartfelt thank you on behalf of Anna and myself for all the support we have received for this passion project. One of the hardest things to talk openly about, is how businesses evolve behind the scenes, but it’s also important. Things do change and that’s OK. Things get messy and that’s OK too. Life happens.

More. Is her own entity and will continue to ebb and flow. I hope you’ll stay with me and see where this journey will take us next! Visit our store and treat yourself!



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