Stop Apologising

An over-thinker, a go-with-the-flow type, a dreamer , a doer, a writer, a believer, a follower, a creative, a single mother, a daughter, a girl with anxiety, a woman with a broken heart, a person who keeps everything inside, an open book. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from — you need to stop apologising for being you. There will be moments that build you up and moments that break you, love that makes soar in the clouds and smile to yourself and love that tears you apart and shatters that tender heart. There will be people you learn from and people you lose, pain you experience, and bliss that makes you forget everything else. You will shift, you will change, you will try to find your path, and you will create yourself, again and again as you go. You will forever be changing, but don't do it for another person. Not for the sake of making things easier, not because you feel forced, and not because of love. Your existence on this earth is so precious and your time is too short to let others’ opinions change the way you feel about yourself. So don’t let them. Stop apologising for who you are and just be. Be silly, be strange, be happy, be crazy, be independent, be in love, be unafraid, be nervous, be strong, be okay with leaning on someone else. Be whatever the hell you want. Be you. It’s okay to be all the things you are and be them proudly. So please, Stop apologising for being you. Be Bold Be Unapologetic Be Beautiful Be You


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