The importance of a sacred space for your self care practice...

Do you have somewhere to take 5 minutes (or more)... to recharge your batteries and connect with your soul? Tonight's full moon is a perfect time to be thinking about creating somewhere in your home to do just that .. In fact the full moon is also a great time to clear the clutter physically and emotionally - I'm feeling motivated to go through the house - the kids are with their dad, so it's the perfect opportunity to let that sh** go. A sacred space can be many places.. The Beach Early Morning Quiet Time Getting on a Yoga Mat

A Bath Time Ritual An Altar in your House

When my twins were younger, my 'sacred space' used to be 5 minutes of quiet, hiding out in the bathroom... Truth! Even now, if I'm pushed for time, my sacred space can be closing my eyes, flinging some essential oils around, (I love lavender or frankincense) and focusing on my breath for a short time. I try to anchor mindful moments to everyday actions, such as, boiling the kettle (pelvic floor squeeze ;) stopping at a red light (deep inhale) Sometimes, it can seem like there's no space at all in our day; so creating a sacred space can be an absolute lifesaver! It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive- you can: Find a quiet corner of your house and add a Candle, a Crystal, a Cushion, a Mat and an Inspiring picture Make a Mini Altar on a bookshelf or windowsill Light some incense, burn some essential oils, Play some Beautiful Music Create a Portable Sacred Space by putting some items in a box and using them to create a space wherever you are At More. we've got some beautiful products to help create the perfect sacred space... Divine mats Crystal water bottles and..... The most stunning sacred space candles - coming soon!

Once you've found a place to set up and make your own.. just sit down, meditate, journal, breathe, do yoga, stretch or dance about... The point is to do something that's totally for you. If you'd like some inspiration to Create Your Own Sacred Space, pinterest has some great visual ideas but really it's what makes you feel good, what reminds you to pause. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. Anna x p.s The More. mats make amazing sacred space savers, these are powerful!! p.p.s Don't forget to set a full moon intention ;)


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