Unlocking during lockdown

‘Lockdown’ feels like such a negative term and yet we’re witnessing so many people really connecting with stuff they haven’t had time or headspace to focus on up until now.

This lockdown has unlocked so much!  People’s creativity, community, space for activities we might usually reserve for holidays or have been putting off.  It’s provided us with an opportunity for growth and change and a chance to think about what really matters; we are finding ways to do things differently.

It’s also brought up old fears and mental blocks.  Panic around keeping active, losing control and letting go of the comfort of routine.  A sense of instability and loneliness for some. Change doesn’t tend to feel comfortable for us humans.

Somehow this time has felt like permission to let go.

The story of Noah’s ark springs to mind.  A total washing away of everything we have come to know and the building of a new safe space for those people and things that mean the most to us.  Weathering the storm together.

Yes, that does mean releasing stuff that we might not have felt ready for, but it also gives us freedom to allow new stuff in.

I have allowed things to fall away, which in different circumstances I might have clung on to much harder.  Somehow this time has felt like permission to let go. In doing so I have created space for my own authentic creativity to flow.  It feels as though the old rules don’t apply anymore. Although I’m fully aware those were only rules I set myself, based on societal expectation!  But nonetheless something has shifted.

“We’re all born naked and the rest is drag” RuPaul

New designs for More. Are coming thick and fast.  Saying goodbye to the last of our Launch collection stock feels sad, but at the same time cathartic.  Things are moving, where they had begun to feel stagnant.

What has been happening for you?  Have you discovered a part of yourself you have been hiding from?  Are you spending more time baking, dancing, sleeping than you might have done before?  Are you resisting change or embracing it with arms wide open?

I think the most fascinating aspect of all this is observing this shift on a global scale.  Innovation coming from everywhere, the planet breathing again. The stark opposites in ways of coping and managing this situation.  A realisation that things just weren’t working before and fundamental change must happen for all of us in order to survive!  

Now more than ever we must look after one another, support those who are vulnerable, be inclusive, get creative and unlock the chains of anything that prevents us from full authenticity.

In the wonderful words of RuPaul “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag!”  How are you expressing your ‘style’ and showing up for yourself and the world? What can you unlock during lockdown?


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