crystal infused water bottle

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We believe products should be beautiful and useful and this bottle certainly is! Made from glass (so no plastic nasties leaking into your water) and stainless steel.

Infuse your water with the stone of love – Rose Quartz. When a crystal and water make contact, the water is revitalized by the energy of the crystal, and the resulting elixir takes on that crystal’s properties.

This bottle is so beautiful and definitely will get attention and hopefully encourage you to stay hydrated.


The bottle is made without glue or adhesives, consists of a stainless-steel lid, a glass bottle, and a stainless-steel base with the crystal firmly affixed within.


After the glass is snugly screwed onto the base, the bottle is filled with water to create the elixir.


This is a My Green Pod Hero product!


  • Holds 18 fl.oz. of water
  • Made from glass and stainless steel without glue or adhesives
  • Each crystal is one-of-a-kind and as such may have some small flecks or scratches
  • Base unscrews to remove crystal mount for cleaning.

    Hand wash only

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