What is a sacred space?


When we hear the word sacred, we tend to associate it with religious practices.  In fact the meaning can be far more secular.


Sacred //

Dedicated or set apart.

Devoted exclusively to one service or use.


So, a sacred space is an area or time that we can allocate for any specific activity or simply a sense or atmosphere that allows us ‘time out’.


So, why should you create a sacred space?


Think about your average day…. How many of the things that you do during your day have an allocated space?   Bathroom, for washing, kitchen for preparing meals, bedroom for sleeping, living room for chilling out or activities with your family, office for working.  You move through these spaces in your life and know exactly what they are for. You feel a certain way when you are in each space and your mind and body adjust accordingly.


So, when it comes to taking time out (and we mean genuine ‘just for you’ time out) where do you go?  You might, grab a quick 5 minutes to cry on the loo… or step outside to take a breather from the chaos.  But, are you truly honouring those interludes? Are you defining that space and giving a message to your mind and body that it is time to pause?


Whether you follow some kind of spiritual practice, or simply need a place to breathe or stretch your body, creating an actual physical sacred space really can make all the difference.


It doesn’t need to be a large area, or a separate room (although if you have the space, we highly recommend that!). It just needs to be YOURS and respected as such.

How can I use my sacred space and what should it look like?

This is the fun part!  There are NO RULES!


The whole beauty of having your own sacred space is that you can make it look and feel however you want and use it in whatever way you wish!  


We have created Pleasure Mats to visually anchor your space and hold you in your practices.  They can work as a gorgeous centrepiece in a small private room, or indeed as a ‘placeholder’ within a larger communal space.  They offer that safe landing space for you to retreat to. Even walking past your mat acts as a visual reminder of just how incredible you are and that you deserve to be honoured.


Our mats are perfect for yoga, stretching, meditating, journaling… whatever you desire.  


The rest is up to you… add cushions, candles, an alter, blankets… the possibilities are endless!   Think about all your senses, how do you want it to smell, feel? What sounds do you want to hear? This can really help you to create the most ‘you’ space.  Just remember, there are NO RULES!  

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